Archa Baiju

Home cook, Blogger, Working Professional

I am always fascinated seeing my mom cook. Always wondered how she remembers the recipe for each and every one of them. Though I loved watching her cook, I always feared if I will ever be able to cook delicious food like my mom do. It was only after my marriage that I started cooking. I still remember how I used to call my mom before cooking each and every dish, asking her for the recipe. Slowly I realized that I was passionate about cooking. I was eager to try new recipes, not every one of them turned out to be good, but I started learning from my mistakes. As my husband is also a foodie just like me, he always encourage me in trying out new dishes. When I started out my cooking journey I was learning from my mother, while now I share my recipes with my mom. That's when I thought of jotting down all my recipes at one place, to share it with other cooking enthusiasts like me. 


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