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Mango Squash - A Refreshing drink to beat Summer heat

Updated: May 12, 2020

I cant even imagine a summer without nibbling on sweet and juicy mangoes. Being from Kerala, we used to have lots of mango trees in the backyard. From eating raw mangoes with salt and chilli powder to enjoying mom's refreshing mango squash, I used to spent time munching on mangoes till the season ends.

It's a long wait from blossom to fruit, and not all flowers bear fruit. I still remember standing beneath mango trees, looking up to spot kannimanga's (tender mango). There were many different variety of mangoes, some were plucked raw and used in making pickles and other savory dishes. Polachira, Malgova, Neelam were some varieties that we had back home, which we used to keep for ripening. My mom used to make quick and easy mango squash with them. Let's try it out.


Puree of 4 medium sized ripe mangoes (preferably non-fibrous)

800 gm granulated sugar

1 tablespoon lime juice

300 ml water

2 teaspoon mint juice (optional)

Let's Start Cookin'

1. Add sugar, lime juice and water in a pan. Heat on low flame till the sugar dissolves completely.

2. Turn off the flame. Add mango puree and mix well. Let it cool down. In case of any lumps, blend it in a mixer.

3. Pour it into air tight bottles and store in refrigerator.


Take 3 tablespoon of mango squash in a glass, add 1 teaspoon lime juice, 2 teaspoons of mint juice (optional), water and ice cubes. Mix well and serve.

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